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Hope Physical Therapy and Wellness Center
New Patients

Welcome to Hope Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. We have made a great attempt to establish a welcome and warm environment. We HOPE you will feel comfortable and encouraged to pursue your health and wellness goals.

We are a service-oriented company committed to providing personalize care and a paramount rehabilitation experience. We will do this by providing one-on-one appointments with a highly trained physical therapist, performing thorough and professional examinations and treatments, offering evidence based life-style change strategies, and cultivating a supportive and empowering environment. We HOPE to be a health and wellness resource for our patients.

At HOPE we are aware that you are seeking a healthcare practitioner who understands your overall health and wellness concerns. Patients desire practitioners who have experience, knowledge, and a compassion for helping others. The integration of health and wellness allows HOPE’s practitioners to develop a patient centered relationship. This relationship seeks to understand the overall health and wellness concerns of the client. Such a reflective relationship will help the practitioner educate, encourage, and assist the client to push beyond perceived barriers to obtaining a healthy life. The integration of health and wellness also allows the practitioner to enrich their own treatment philosophies. Therefore, providing best practice that encompasses the most efficient, effective, comprehensive, and complimentary care.

Initial Visit
Preparation for the initial visit:
  • Please dress comfortable for the initial visit.
  • Please bring the physical therapy referral from your physician if given one.
  • Please bring a form of identification and a copy of your insurance card(s).

The initial visit to physical therapy will be 45 - 60 minutes and consists of the following:
  • Evaluation including a review of medical history, test and measures, assessment of finding.
  • Patient education of the physical therapy diagnosis.
  • Development of a treatment plan based upon the findings and the patient/family goals. Patient education is an integral component of the treatment. The patient is considered a member of the health care team and is encouraged to take an active interest in the recovery, maintenance and prevention of re-occurrence.
  • Perform appropriate treatment.
  • Therapist will design a specific exercise program that the patient can perform at home. The home exercise program will enhance the physical therapy treatments and facilitate the recovery.

Insurance and Billing
We accept most major insurances. We will need complete and accurate information about your insurance policy. HOPE will submit claims to your health insurance company for you.

Payments due at the time of service:
  • Co-pays required by your insurance policy.
  • If your deductible has not been met, Hope PT and Wellness requires a minimum payment of $50.00 toward your policy's deductible.
  • Hope PT and Wellness requires a minimum payment of $50.00 per session for patients who has an out-of-network insurance policy and have not met their deductible.
  • If you are a Non-Insurance-Fee-for-Service patient, full payment must be received at the time of service.

Hope Physical Therapy and Wellness Center